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40kg weight decrease in 2 years

Jaanis M., Estonia.

“My weight in spring 2016 was about 140 kg! If you ask why I decided to change my life – it was all about my health condition. When you find yourself at emergency medicine room with message from doctor: ‘your blood sugar level is at 16.8 (max should be after the meal 5.8), you have diabetes’… then I had a ‘click’ in my head.

I started to follow nutrition advice I got from a local Doctor… what to eat, how much to eat… I eliminated ‘bad habits’ from my diet: sugary soft drinks, juices, sweets, wheat products, potato; and replaced those with started more fresh produce; greens and eggs in different ways. By changing those eating habits I started to lose weight.

I was not very sporty person; it was big challenge for me to go to gym, especially because of big crowds! One day I saw a TV Show where HYPOXI was presented, so I decided to apply for a trial… surprisingly, after 30 minutes training, I felt great, it was light feeling. The personal approach from the Coaches and ‘private’ studio environment made my decision easy, so in August 2016 I started my new active lifestyle with HYPOXI at the HYPOXI-Studio Scala City in Tallinn.

Since then I have done HYPOXI-Trainings 3 times a week, with some deviations due to work and some influenza issues… today scale shows a bit less than 100 kg!

Sometimes people have asked is it worth of investment – definitely! Investment to your health and wellbeing is the best we can do for ourselves and for our loved ones.

After HYPOXI-Training I feel energised, not as before I was always sleepy. HYPOXI gave me confidence and power to be even more active, so I now go in addition 2-4 times a week for a run. Based on my experience I recommend HYPOXI to everyone who values their health; here you will be under professional supervision in clean, comfortable and almost family studio environment.

I’m happy that I have achieved good health and I feel myself great in my body, nevertheless, I have set a new goal… 90 kg!”

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