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HYPOXI helps Lipoedema; Case Study

Karen Windsor, volunteer at Talk Lipoedema, took part in a Lipoedema study at a HYPOXI-Studio. She is very active in increasing awareness of the disease.

In her own words she shares her experience with us.

“My name is Karen Windsor and I’m diagnosed with lipoedema and other lymphatic disorders. I started using HYPOXI, my journey has been great, with mostly ups.

The only thing that I struggled with is my knees, unfortunately they are damaged through years of mis-diagnosis. I’ve got osteoarthritis. When I first started HYPOXI couldn’t put my knees together because of the lipoedema fat (fat pads), after a month this greatly reduced and to my delight I could!

I remember the day I started and my measurements, Dorota (my Certified HYPOXI Coach) said put your knees together and I couldn’t, I just thought this was normal, a month later my measurements day came and I could suddenly put them together, it was such an achievement I cried. Something so silly was something so great to me.

At the start, I was convinced because the weight wasn’t shifting that this wasn’t working, yet I was following everything to the letter... to my great surprise I’d lost over 40cms in nearly a month and half way into my first program.

I started to feel stronger I noticed so many changes in my body from look to feel to pain decreasing. I also have fibromyalgia and I can honestly say the symptoms have changed so much. Even my rheumatologist was shocked.

Dorota at HYPOXI (in Chiswick) was my coach, my friend, my backbone, she helped me to no end with this journey. I’m so utterly grateful to HYPOXI for helping me change the dynamics of these illnesses. While this isn’t a cure- there is no cure- but you can certainly turn the clock back on all of this.

Life is for living and after 30 operations and years of pain close to full disability using braces and crutches etc. I found HYPOXI- and NOTHING has worked for me like this treatment. I continue to fascia blast, eat a ketogenic diet and do low impact exercise and lift weights. I believe HYPOXI combined with the above practices is what has helped me change my life.

To this day, I’m continuing on with my methods. I started with 36 sessions and in total, I lost 58.5cms from the lower half of my body... I know this treatment works. It’s not invasive surgery, it carries no risks. I can do a session and go back to my life, no recovery time. Sustainable.

This journey has been an emotional one, lipoedema is an evil illness because you are just classed as overweight or fat, you’re not; you have abnormal fat cells in the body and now there is a treatment that can help.

Thank you HYPOXI for being the best support and friend and helping me on this journey.”

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