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MOTHERS' Day; An open letter.

Dear parent/ daughter/son,

Schools are closed, so **insert son/daughters name** won’t be coming home with their little craft piece.

PLUS, parenting has been REAL the past few weeks with schools closed, so the ante has to be upped.

Ergo…it’s time to really spoil mum this Mothers' Day. (Don’t worry- your day is coming too!)

The hack here is- it’s an opportunity to support your local businesses who need you right now.

SO, without further adieu, below are some local-friendly gift ideas to inspire you.

Coffee Cravers?

10-pack coffee vouchers. Pre-paid vouchers for little cups of heaven will never go astray, especially from her favourite barista. Our local picks? Cabana Handcrafted Coffee, Girdlers (Note: they make their own Almond milk and its totally sugar free!) and Bacino Bar (bundle it with some of their pastries- they are NOT HYPOXI friendly BUT worth it).

Floral Favourites?

Best order these in advance right now and the supply chain experience delays and backlogs due to restrictions. A good florist can get very creative with budget and themes- so its worth a conversation. We work with 2 florists; Vicolo Florists in Dee Why Grand and InBloom Florist at Warringah Mall (we love their market selections).

Health Happy?

We proudly present you with our very own Hypoxi Studio Dee Why options:

1. The GIFT VOUCHER (with plenty of options to choose from), and a package of treatments to kick-start her post-isolation health goals. If you don’t know HYPOXI- its highly regarded for its low-impact, spa-like training facility, that presents a complete program of nutrition, massage and training in conjunction with technology to ensure target results (all backed by science- you can read about these here.). Our clients LOVE their HYPOXI and often describe it as their ‘sanctuary’ away from the chaos.

2. The highly popular 14Day Smart Cleanse (not for the faint-hearted, this product is very potent and works MAGIC to have mum glowing from the inside, out).

3. HYPOXI at HOME, a one-off $49 fee giving access to low-impact workout classes, cooking classes, social gatherings, etc. with like-minded women.

Beauty Babe?

Life at home has probably meant nails, brows and lashes are in DIRE needs of maintenance. A gift voucher from her favourite technician will always go down well. If she doesn’t have a favourite, our clients recommend: @brows_bystephanie for brow tatooing (ALOT of us have ours done by her!), @cheryldebeaute for lash extensions, @evehairextensions for hair (best in Sydney), @senspadeewhy for facials and massage.

Now in terms of the day itself- chances are you will need to get a little creative around the home. Below are a few activities to inspire you:

- Breakfast in the garden... or on the balcony! Transform the space with a couple of rugs, pillows and drawings from the kids. Think Ricotta Pancakes, Savoury Breakfast muffins, Tea and Champagne (...yes.)

- Present hunt! This is childish but undeniably fun and the kids can get in on the action. All you need is a couple of Post-Its, a pen and your thinking hat to create a path of clues.

- High Tea. Especially if you're lucky enough to have a household of girls.You'll need pastries from your favourite bakery, hot foods (petite pies and quiches) and colds (sandwiches cut into quarters, rice paper rolls) presented on share plates, some juices, sparkling water and of course, Champagne. You can set this in the garden, on the balcony, or around the coffee table (sit on cushions and light a couple of scented candles).

- Home salon day. Treat her with a foot soak (with Epsom salts), a scrub (make your own with coffee grinds, epsom salt and olive oil), and a mask for her hair and face. Top up with a glass of Champagne to make it feel truly indulgent.

Might be a time to entertain the children so mum can enjoy the pampering in peace.

There you have it! Feel free to reach out Hello@hypoxistudiodeewhy.com.au if you need further advice, or need assistance purchasing a HYPOXI gift voucher.

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