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Finally a Detox Kit thats both Practitioner Strength and Organic

  • Practitioner Grade and Organic
  • Scientifically Formulated and Unique Formulations that get results
  • Benefits of certified organic ingredients 
  • Based on Naturopathic Principles Weed, Seed and Feed.
  • Naturally Flavoured and Easy to Follow Steps
  • 3 X the therapeutic potency of other practitioner brands


New to the program:

  • 14 Day Smart Cleanse Detox Kits are now new and improved!
  • Bentonite Drinking Clay is now easier to take in capsule form
  • Weeding Tonic is double original potency from 28 capsules to now 56 capsules (Originally take 2 caps morning and night, now take 4 capsules morning and 4 capsules evening for double the die-off of pathogenic micobiota and enhanced gut health results)
  • COMING SOON: Gut Lining Formula is new and improved potency and now Pina colada flavour! Gut Lining ingredients Glutamine increased significantly to 1.5g, Organic Spirulina Powder to 896mg, Chlorella increased to 630mg, Potassium increased to 625mg, Sun Fiber (new low FODMAP FREE quality fibre ingredient) 501mg, Coriander Seed 467mg, Tumeric increased to 435mg, Cleavers (kidney herb) increased to 368mg, Shiitake Mushroom (for gut related immunity) increased to 140mg, Orgen-Zn increased to 93mg, and now with Acai Juice powder also (rich antioxidant superfood). 

    Why do our organic 14 day detox plan? 

    At HYPOXI Studio Dee Why, we are passionate about providing a tailored wellness plan to optimise your health and goals. It has taken us YEARS of searchinmg and trialing various systems and produts, we are are DELIGHTED to partner and recommend Smart Cleanse. Smart Cleanse are dedicated to using all-natural, organic products in their cleanses to ensure all of our customers can cleanse effectively and safely. The purpose of doing a cleanse is to rid your body of toxins and leave your digestive system running optimally. 

    With that in mind, our formulas are designed to optimise that process and make sure that you get the best results possible. 

    Kick-start Your Journey to a Happier, Healthier You with a 14 Day Cleanse

    The original state of your body and how it functions is interrupted when the build up of nasty toxins take control and leave you feeling sluggish. The chosen organic ingredients are specially selected to help your body to revert itself back to that natural state. 

    Whether your goal is to lose weight, clean out your liver, cleanse your bowels, or you just want to do a full body detox to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, our 14 Day cleanse plan can help you to get the results you’re looking for. 

    What makes Smart Cleanse so effective? 

    By combining the finest quality, organic ingredients and extensive knowledge in the wellbeing industry, Smart Cleanse have been able to create a detox that works effectively and harmoniously with your body. 

    Some of the things that set Smart Cleanse apart from our competitors are: 

    • Experience within the industry
    • The cleanse is a premium practitioner-grade detox meaning we are more therapeutically potent than all other practitioner brands and therefore provides more value for money
    • The use of high quality and organic ingredients
    • Smart Cleanse essentially bridges the gap between ‘practitioner only’ products kept separately behind the counter and other cheaper detoxes on the shelf that aren’t high quality or practitioner grade. That’s why they are known as ‘Australia’s only practitioner-grade available to the masses'.
    • The only weed, seed and feed gut-focused cleanse that is practitioner grade and packed in convenient kit form, without the need to see a Naturopath or Pharmacist.
    • The introduction of Smart Cleanse's second step; this helps line the gut, seed in the good bacteria and allow you to lock in long term health benefits unlike other unspecific cleanses, like a juice cleanse for example or a fast.
    • This goes beyond providing a detox formula only and combine two powerful detox and weight loss programs in one, supporting the HYPOXI programmes. Customers are provided with food lists, carb and calorie counters, recipes and menu planners to ensure each and every person makes the most of their Smart Cleanse

    The combination of all of these factors has resulted in an astounding product that will leave you feeling FANTASTIC. We’ve already had the pleasure of helping our in-studio clients detoxify their bodies, lose weight, reduce stress, heal their digestion and improve their overall strength and fitness. 

    We can do the same for you!


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